"Paid marketing to generate quality leads for your business" 

Let's face it: social media ain't what it used to be. With every Tom, Dick, and Harry vying for attention and organic reach declining, it feels like an uphill battle to get the results you want and need.

If you want consistent leads and new business, it’s simple: you pay to play. With organic reach on the decline, it's time to ditch endless hours of creating posts and embrace the power of paid marketing.

With our paid marketing solutions, we'll get your business in front of the right audience at the right time. And here's the kicker: if we don't meet our pre-agreed amount of quality leads, you don’t pay! It's my way of ensuring that your investment pays off—literally.

A Huge Audience
Over 3 billion people use Meta platforms (Facebook & Instagram) daily - Your customers will be on these platforms.

Cost Effective Advertising
You can set a daily budget and increase this when you see results or stop your ads at any time. 

Measurable Results
Meta has detailed analytics we can track in real time and take action to get the best ROAS.

Target Audience
We can target your ideal clients in the right location and create re-targeting campaigns to hit a warm audience.

Lead Generation Guarantee!
If we don't get you the target amount of leads...YOU DON'T PAY!

Set Up & Planning

We help you get everything set up on Facebook and your ad account ready.
Then we dive into finding out about your business and your goals. This gives us the information to plan an ad strategy.

Create Ad Campaigns

We then create the perfect offer, the creative and copy for your ads. 
Once this is complete, we will send it to you for approval. Then, hit the button and make them go live.

Generate & Qualify Leads

As the leads come in, we will qualify them and set an appointment or line them up for the next step and send them across to you. 

Optimise & Scale

We closely monitor your ads so we can optimise them and give you the option to scale.
Over time, the ads improve as we nail what is working and getting you results. 

"What do my clients say in their  reviews?" 

"How much is the  cost of this service?" 

"Sounds good! Let's make it  happen " 

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"  FAQ " 

Is there a minimum contract period for Facebook ads services?
Yes, it is a 3 month minimum period and then a rolling monthly service with 30 days notice period. 
Is the ad spend included in the charge? 
No, this is the cost to create your ads and manage them for the month. It includes lead qualification/appointment setting if we run your ads for leads. 

We recommend a minimum spend of £10 a day for ads - but it will depend on the service/product that your business offers, and I can advise on the daily ad spend that would be suitable. 
Do you offer social media marketing?
I offer social media marketing services where I create content and manage your social media, including engagement if required. 

I can only offer this if you have a marketing plan in place and are clear on your strategy or if I have created a strategy prior to starting social media marketing services. 

If you are just looking to make content visible on your social media, I recommend hiring a VA.

How does the guarantee work?
When we have the consultation call, I can review our goals, the number of leads you need, and your ad budget. Then, I will give you a guaranteed number of leads for your business. 

If I do not hit this amount in the month, I will fully refund the charge for my service. 
How do you qualify the leads?
For every lead that comes in through your ad, we will contact them to gauge whether they are serious and get more information. 

We will be able to respond promptly to all leads, and this is key to getting the best out of your ads. 

We will agree with you at the set-up point on the next steps. This may be that we have your diary to book a call or visit, or there is a booking system we can get them booked in on for your service. This will be different for each business and how you work. 

Most agencies do not offer this service, but I want to make sure that you get great leads, an efficient response to them, and support to manage the extra work that is coming in. 

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