Stop winging it!
It's time to get strategic.

Does it feel like your marketing is getting the better of you? You’re fed up with wasting your time, and overwhelmed because nothing works?

Let’s draw a line under it and move forward with astrategy.

That’s where I come in, with a plan that will make it crystal clear. More importantly, you'll see your business grow as you attract and engage with your ideal clients effectively. 

Marketing Strategy
Lead Generation
Content Creation
Local Business Marketing
Training and Support
What do my clients say about working with me?

Are you struggling to market your business effectively on social media and beyond? Many of my clients find themselves in the same boat due to a lack of time, understanding of marketing platforms, or simply feeling stuck in a rut of posting content without seeing results.

It's frustrating, isn't it? You spend hours crafting posts and content, only to feel like you're spinning your wheels and getting nowhere. Without a clear strategy in place, you're left feeling overwhelmed and unsure of how to make your efforts count. As a result, your ideal clients are left confused and head off to your competitors.

That's where I come in. I help business owners like you break free from the cycle of frustration by creating a customised marketing plan that makes sense for your business. With a clear roadmap in place, you'll know exactly where to focus your time and energy, ensuring that every moment spent on marketing is well invested. Most importantly, you'll see your business grow as you attract and engage with your ideal clients effectively. 

What is a marketing strategy and why do you need one?
Your strategy creates the foundation for you to grow your business. It's the WHY, WHAT and HOW that sets a clear plan in place for your marketing to reach your goals and targets.

The biggest myth: A marketing strategy isn't needed for a small business!
Fact: It's needed for every business!
◽ Set goals and align your marketing to reach them
◽ Be clear on who you are targeting and your ideal client
◽ Know the platforms that you need to be on
◽ Craft clear messaging that speaks to your target audience
◽ Set out your customer journey
◽ Improve retention and life time value of your customers
◽ Create content that moves the needle
◽ Understand and track your results
◽ Be more efficient with your time spent on marketing
◽ Make your brand strong and stand out
◽ Differentiate yourself from your competitors
◽ Grow your business and create stability

Marketing Strategy

£ 999 
✔️ A full marketing audit

✔️ Comprehensive full strategy

✔️ Delivery and action plan


£ 99/ per hour
✔️ Zoom or in person

✔️ Flexible adhoc support

✔️ Bespoke to the help you need

Lead Generation

£ 500/ month
✔️ Facebook / Instagram ads

✔️ Full management

✔️ Lead qualification

How long does it take to create a marketing strategy?
It is usually around 2 weeks, depending on the size of your business and how soon we can get all of the information together. 

The starting point is a meeting together, where I find out more about you and your business and complete a full audit. 
Is there a minimum contract period for Facebook ads services?
Yes, it is a 3 month minimum period and then a rolling monthly service with 30 days notice period. 
Is the ad spend included in the charge? 
No, this is the cost to create your ads and manage them for the month. It includes lead qualification/appointment setting if we run your ads for leads. 

We recommend a minimum spend of £10 a day for ads - but it will depend on the service/product that your business offers, and I can advise on the daily ad spend that would be suitable. 
Do you offer social media marketing?
I offer social media marketing services where I create content and manage your social media, including engagement if required. 

I can only offer this if you have a marketing plan in place and are clear on your strategy or if I have created a strategy prior to starting social media marketing services. 

If you are just looking to make content visible on your social media, I recommend hiring a VA.

Can you help me with what content to create? 
Yes - If you have a limited budget but you find that you get stuck with what to post and need some support, I can create a monthly content plan.

This will be a clear plan on what to post to which channels, giving ideas for the visual and copy of the content, the aim of each piece and an engagement plan. 
How to work with me

I do offer a free support consultation for 45 minutes, where you can use my help and expertise as a "try before you buy."

Or you can book a discovery call, and we can discuss what you are looking for. I can then put together a proposal to send for you to consider. 

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